Product Details:

Type: PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement)
Packaging Size: 50 Kg
Package Type: PP Sack Bag
Brand: ACC, Ambuja, Shree Cement, UltraTech, Birla A1, Wonder, Dalmia

Price: Price Available on Request

Product Description:

Product Descriptions:
PPC cement is manufactured by integrating well-burnt OPC cement Clinker with gypsum and pozzolanic materials like power-station fly ash or siliceous earth. It is blended cement convenient for general construction work and best for aggressive environmental conditions. It also improves workability, has less isolation, drains, and increases water-tightness by reducing the propensity of lime to extract. It generates less heat of hydration and offers maximum resistance to the attack of aggressive water containing sulphates and chlorides.

We supply PPC cement is available at various types of PPC cement brands like ACC PPC cement, Ambuja PPC cement, Shree PPC cement, Ultratech PPC cement, Birla A1 PPC cement, and Wonder PPC cement, Dalmia PPC Cement. of excellent quality for your building and construction process. PPC cement is available at 50 kg that is packaged by the company in a PP sack bag delivered at your desired construction sites. You can order PPC cement online by just sending us an inquiry by filling out an inquiry form to know more about ppc cement price on your mobile.