Product Details:

Type: PSC (Portland Slag Cement)
Packaging Size: 50 Kg
Package Type: PP Sack Bag
Brand: JSW
Price: Price Available on Request

Product Descriptions:
PSC (Portland Slag Cement) has been voted as the most suitable cement for mass construction because of its low heat of hydration. PSC cement is blended cement with a non-metallic product consisting of glass with silicates and alumino-silicates of lime.This product is offered in a 50 Kg PP Sack bag as per the brand’s packaging and can be delivered at your desired construction site and time. PSC cement is available at various types of PSC cement brands like ACC PSC cement, Ambuja, Shree PSC Cement, Ultratech, Birla A1, JSW PSC, Wonder PSC cement, and Dalmia PSC cement of excellent quality for your building and construction process.

We provide the best quality of PSC cement manufactured with a combination of slag, clinker, and some gypsum. It can be used in all types of residential, commercial, and industrial projects, such as Dams, water retaining structures, Concrete roads, Flyovers, Marine constructions, Precast concrete products, Foundation, Piles construction, and other mass concrete works. You can buy cement online in India by just sending us an inquiry by filling the inquiry form and get PSC cement price.