Product Details:

Product Name: Admixture Chemical
Quantity: 100 Kg, 200 Kg, 250 Kg
Application: Construction
Grade: Industrial
Packaging Type: Can or Barrel
Brand: Mcon, Fair Mate, Dr. Fixit, Sika, Fosroc.
Shelf Life: 3-4 months
Price: Price Available on Request

Product Description:
Admixture Chemical is inherent Waterproofing majorly used for all types Concrete, Wall Plaster, Slab Cast, Water Tank, Tunnel Sewages, Joint Mortar and Flooring Mortar. It abbreviates water consumption and maintain accurate W/C Ratio. It also increases workability of Mortar and Strength. Thus, strength will be achieved in 5-6 days. Dosage should be followed as per brand user manual to achieve desired results. You can use Bond between the materials for better results in strong strength with less water absorptions. is complete solution for all your Construction needs.