Product Details:

Product Name: Floor Hardener
Grade: Standard
Application: Construction, Industrial
Color: Grey, White
Packaging: HDPE Bag
Shelf Life: 1 Year
Material: Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer
Brand: Sika, Fosroc, Cico, Fair Mate.
Price: Price Available on Request

Product Descriptions:
Material.biz provide highly erosion resistant surface to concrete floor by the dry shake-on method which ensure that the hardware surface bonds monolithically to the base concrete. They are ideally suited for all industrial and construction areas subject to the heaviest traffic, e.g. loading bays, trucking lanes, car parks, workshops, machines shops, ramps and spillways. Our Floor Hardener that are non-metallic which does not rust or stain. It provides a strong abrasion resistant surface which forms monolithic bond with base concrete. Floor hardener are smooth, easy, and economical to apply as compared to others.