Ministers-In-Charge of India is planning to slowly reopen Lockdown following some strict rules like social-distancing, not go out of the house unnecessarily, and do not spit as it spreads disease. The Corona Virus is still massively spreading in our country, so it is necessary to keep our surroundings clean and hygienic for ourselves and our dearest ones. 

Here are some tips you need to know about restarting your services with safety:

Enforcement for wearing a Mask

World Healthcare Organization (WHO) announced that each individual should wear a mask, handkerchief or any cloth covering your mouth and nose when they are in public as Corona Virus (Covid-19) can spread even if infected people don’t feel sick. This not only applicable for co-operating offices and business park but also for retail shop owners request for customers to wear a face mask while shopping. In short wearing, a mask is a compulsion for everyone. While this is at the circumstances of each store, you should decide what policy on a face mask is essential. 

World Healthcare Organization (WHO) recommended following Behavior Practices:

  • Each business and service concluded with their own best practices to keep their home, shops and commercial building’s residents secure while restarting.
  • Leave the doors open to limit the need for many individuals to touch door handles 
  • Keep open the windows and Sliders to improve air ventilation.
  • Sway Work Schedule, having limited staff members come on alternative days and allow to work through telecommunication networks as possible. 
  • Maintain Social Distancing at the workplace. 
  • Clean the actively touchable surfaces like Mobile Phones, Keyboards, Desktop, Mouse etc
  • Apply Sick Leave policies and work-from-home policies to allow sick-staff members to stay home. 

Utilize Disinfection and Sanitization Services

Imposing an of these new procedures, planning a work schedule, and wiping down actively touchable surfaces can take a lot of time and effort. One of the best ways you can prepare to safely restart your services is to hire for disinfection and sanitization services. for disinfection and sanitization services completely for years. We have highly skilled experts and professionals to disinfect and sanitize your shops, home, offices, and even medical centers. At disinfection and sanitization services in detail is what we do the best. We work for sanitization services for a wide range of industries and can sedulously care for your space to reduce the spread of infection. Our team disinfection and sanitization services are well trained to contain contagions and keep your premises as safe as possible.

Our experts ensure all germs and viruses on the tangible surfaces are killed by high pressure steams. For Building Disinfection and Sanitization, our highly skilled and trained professionals will use industrial disinfection solutions that will be diluted in water in a 1:80 ratio to clean all the surfaces that are in regular contact with the residents or even employees. Please note that the solution has to be left over the applied surfaces for around 10-15 minutes after application so that the chemicals penetrate deep into the surfaces and kill the dangerous virus and bacteria that are present on the surfaces. These services are applied to the interior and exterior disinfection of the building. It can be used for bathrooms, mirrors, floors, gardens, and furniture. for disinfection and sanitization services can be used even when your pets are staying around as it is completely non-hazardous chemicals and the toxicity level for mammals is very low. 

Which services are available for maintaining Disinfection and Sanitization?

  1. Home Disinfection and Sanitization Services ( Flats, Bungalows, Row Houses)
  2. Building Disinfection and Sanitization Services ( Apartments, Parking Areas, Basement)
  3. Office Disinfection and Sanitization Services ( Co-operates, Small Office, Large office)
  4. Shop Disinfection and Sanitization Services
  5. Automobile Disinfection and Sanitization Services ( Car, Travel Buses, Truck etc)
  6. School/College Disinfection and Sanitization Services
  7. Shopping Mall Disinfection and Sanitization Services
  8. Factory Disinfection and Sanitization Services

For how much time does the Germs or Viruses survive on the surface? 

It is necessary to understand that how time does coronavirus or COVID-19 can survive on a different surface. Do you know, that according to WHO Corona Virus or COVID-19 can maximum survive actively for 2 Hours to 9 Days on the surface unless and until any disinfector is applied on it? Now it is your choice that you require more hygiene and cleaning to kill viruses on actively touchable surfaces. Today Disinfection and Sanitization for your House, Office, and Shop has become part of cleaning routines.

Here is some time frame that Coronavirus or COVID-19 last on different surfaces


There are very few circumstances of live virus found on these surfaces as time passes by it is necessary to sanitize with any disinfectant or sanitizer to reduce the spread of infection.

Why it is necessary to Disinfect and sanitize surfaces? 

The Corona Virus or COVID-19 is majorly caused by spreading person-to-person. The spread of the Corona Virus from one individual to another can happen through larger droplets while talking, sneezing, and coughing but there is also proof that smaller particles called aerosols can stay in the air for a longer time and can transmit. Now you don’t need to worry about it because provides specialized Disinfection and Home Sanitization packages that ensure 99.99% germ kill technologies. has imported specialized types of equipment that uses distilled or normal clean water to create high-pressure steam and kills all infection and diseases causing germs presented on Sofa, Beds, Door handles, doorbells, and other tangible furniture. This accommodates all residential and commercial spaces and doesn’t require pre-arrangements before work. 

Metal: 5 Days
Ceramic: 5 Days
Glass: 5 Days
Paper: 5 Days
Wood: 4 Days
Stainless Steel: 3 Days
Plastic: 3 Days
Fabric: 24 Hours
Card Board: 24 Hours
Copper Surface: 4 Hours
Aluminum: 2-8 Hours

Here are some special features

  • Latest Technologies
  • Specialized Equipments
  • Kills 99.99% Germs
  • Non-Hazardous Chemicals
  • Trained Professionals