Energy Minister Nitin Raut said to the media that Mumbai will now completely concentrate on renewable energies and should generate 17,385 MW from solar projects within the next five years. The ministry recently declared that there will be no further thermal generation units in Maharashtra.

Raut stated that Maharashtra is expected to have 25,000 MW of potential from solar projects, even if the energy department has discovered the new Renewable Energy Policy (REP) to manufacture 17,385 MW within five years. The REP will also fascinate investment of Rs 75,000 in the energy division and other associated industries.

Additionally, the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) has fixed an aim for the state to meet 25% of its necessities from renewable authorizations across five years. In conclusion, the government has decided to solely promote renewable energy.

Further, Raut declared that solar power will be much more affordable than thermal power, which will serve industry and agriculture across the state. 30% of the electricity is to be allowed only by solar energy by 2030.

The energy department responded that the new REP signifies to offer agricultural pumps with electricity throughout the day at more reasonable costs. A total of 5 lakh solar holding pumps will be included in the state within the next five years. Nearly 10,000 households in unknown regions will get solar energy. As per the sources, electricity requirements are below 33% as the pandemic and various thermal units have been abandoned. There is currently an enormous pause within supply and demand.