Product Details:

Product Name: Block Jointing Mortar
Packaging Size:
Form: Powder
Packaging Type: HDPE Bag
Brand: UltraTech, BIRLA, Tigonis, Weber Blokset Plus, Silico Fix, V-Bond, Trimurti
Price: Price Available on Request

Product Description:
Block Jointing Mortars are manufactured in such a way that it gives strength and adhesion to walls constructed AAC Blocks, Bricks and Concrete Blocks etc. We provide high quality, smooth to apply, comprising cement, graded sand, special additives and adhesive block Jointing Mortar. You can apply this on AAC Blocks, Concrete Blocks and Fly Ash Bricks for internal as well as external walls. Block Jointing Mortar replaces conventional jointing mortar of 12mm to 18mm thickness with high versatile of 3mm to 6mm thickness. It minimizes chances of leakage as the joints are water tight and well bonded to the masonry.