Product Details:

Product Name: Ready Mix Wall Plaster
Grade: Standard
Packaging Size: 50kg
Form: Powder
Packaging Type: HDPE Bag
Usage: Construction
Brand: Vibrant, Mcon, Lotus, ACC, Hitech
Price: Price Available on Request

Product Descriptions:
Ready Mix Wall Plaster is used for small repair works and plastering patch-ups works there has been a lot of hold capacity. They have free-flowing power which needs only the addition of water to make good consistency mortar. It is ready to use by just adding some amount of water depending on the various brands. Ready-mix Wall Plaster is a smooth form of plastering which can be useful for interior as well as exterior walls. It is also useful for cutting repair at an affordable maintenance cost. It helps in reducing rebounding loss and saves time.

We provide leading brand ready mix wall plaster brands that are appreciated for their features such as steadiness, consistent with smooth application. Vibrant Ready Wall Plaster, Mcon Ready Mix Wall Plaster, Lotus Ready Mix Wall Plaster, ACC Ready Mix Wall Plaster, Hitech Ready Mix Wall Plaster, and UltraTech Ready Mix Wall Plaster. You can order Ready Mix Wall Plaster at an effective price. It contains light-weight which aggregates to improve plasterwork.