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If you found any queries regarding our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us. is an online store to buy construction materials at wholesale price. We deliver our products and services in bulk, so that you can acquire deals at effective prices. Our major clients are from trading, builders, contractors, and infrastructures all over Maharashtra from Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Hence you just need to fill the inquiry form and your product is ready to go for delivery. This Privacy Policy applies to all our products, Site and services offered by

Personal Data
We collect your personal data so that we can provide you our best construction services and improve our business. We help our customers to develop essential outcomes and results by using our best digital technologies. We only collect your personal data when you agree with our Policy for using our services. We may ask for some basic information in our inquiry forms such as Your First Name and Last Name, Company Name, Address, Contact Number, Email Address and GST number to get verify and improve our services.

Tracking Data and Cookies uses relatable tracking data and cookies for tracking your activities on our website and combines specific data with our backend team. You may cancel cookies whenever it has been sent to you but by canceling cookies you may not be able to take advantage of our special services. We may pass on your data that includes your personal data and manage it on computers that are placed outside your residence, state, or country. If the above-collected data are residing outside the Indian Territory, keep in mind that we may transfer data for approval. This step is undertaken to ensure that collected data is completely handled securely under our Policy.

This website uses Google Analytics which is a web analytics server which is offered by Google to track data and report the traffic of the website. The collected tracking data and monitoring service usage are shared with other Google services. Please note that this data can be used by Google for personalizing and contextualizing for its own advertising networks.

Children Policy
This website does not provide services to anyone under the age of 18 years i.e., Children. So we don’t collect any data from children. If the child has shared their parents, guardians, or their personal data on this website, please contact us on the given contact details below. Our requisite backend team will take the necessary steps for removing your personal data from our server within a given period of time.

Security, Safety and Secrecy website doesn’t share any personal data with any company or country. If you are having proper security control we make sure proper safety of your personal data and related data. Your personal data is essential for developing our business services and it won’t include any electronic storage or Internet transmission process. follows business-related methodologies for securing your personal data but we won’t assure complete security.

If you found any queries regarding our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us on below contact details.

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