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During this CoronaVirus (Covid-19) period it is important to take proper precautions and protection to your family and Co-workers. The necessity of living and working in a clean environment has become topmost obligatory today. Traditional and normal cleaning methods are insubstantial to help protect us from this CoronaVirus, as it takes time to kill this virus. According to WHO, most of the infections and diseases are spread by the unhygienic lifestyle we all follow, so now it is necessary to ensure that our houses and workplaces are well sanitized regularly to keep safe and free from infections and disease-causing germs.

Our Disinfection & Sanitization Services

Home Disinfection and Sanitization

We use advanced technologies that have been proven effective against 50+ strains of the virus, 400+ bacteria, and 90+ strains of fungi.

Office Disinfection and Sanitization

Material.biz offers you the disinfecting and sanitizing services that make your office free from contagious microbes.

Building Disinfection and Sanitization

Material.biz for building sanitization services can be availed to secure your family from these dangerous germs.

Shop Disinfection and Sanitization

Book material.biz for disinfection and sanitization experts to get your shop completely disinfected and prevent any contaminations.

Automobile Disinfection and Sanitization

Material.biz for automobile disinfection and sanitization services use non-alcohol and allergen-free chemicals.

School/College Disinfection and Sanitization

Our team for Disinfection and Sanitization of schools and college services uses non-hazardous and very low toxicity level chemicals.

Shopping Mall Disinfection and Sanitization

Material.biz offers you complete disinfection and sanitization services for your shopping mall to maintain a hygienic environment.

Factory Disinfection and Sanitization

Material.biz offers factory disinfection and sanitization services to help you and your employee fight the COVID-19 or coronavirus.

Why Material.biz for Disinfection & Sanitization Services?

Our experts ensure all germs and viruses on the tangible surfaces are killed by high pressure steams. For Building Disinfection and Sanitization, our highly skilled and trained professionals will use industrial disinfection solutions that will be diluted in water in a 1:80 ratio to clean all the surfaces that are in regular contact with the residents or even employees. Please note that the solution has to be left over the applied surfaces for around 10-15 minutes after application so that the chemicals penetrate deep into the surfaces and kill the dangerous virus and bacteria that are present on the surfaces. These services are applied to the interior and exterior disinfection of the building. It can be used for bathrooms, mirrors, floors, gardens, and furniture. Matterial.biz for disinfection and sanitization services can be used even when your pets are staying around as it is completely non-hazardous chemicals and the toxicity level for mammals is very low. 

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