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Welcome to the era of the Smart House, now you can operate not only smart devices but all electrical appliances in your house. Material.biz provides you a complete home automation system through an easy and secure way to control all of your smart home systems. Now make your home technically smart in this wireless technology and connectivity world control everything from lighting to heating to the entertainment zone just on your phone. We provide a wide range of Smart Services for your homes like Video Doorbells, Home security, Thermostats, Smart Plugs, Smoke and Flood Detectors, Smart Locks, Smart Lightings, CCTV and Security, Audio-Visual Entertainment, Robots for vacuum cleaning, Shade and Curtains, Climate Control and much more smart wireless technology. Make your new or existing home smart by hiring materials.biz for home-smart-home services.

Smart Home is connected with home technologies that you can design to operate functions and control the property. It gives you access to control the security system of your house. You can operate it on your Mobile App which can be fused with the security system installed. You can also set or reset the schedule according to your personal preferences by your convenience, control, money-saving, and overall Smart Home. Home-Smart-Home services from material.biz can also make you alert you to events that you want to know about like water leaks and unexpected access to your home.


Our Services For Home Smart Home 

Video Doorbells

As per the requirements of our valued customers, Material.biz has been involved in providing Video Doorbells at exclusive price.

Home security

Material.biz for Home security offers a complete home security solution to make your home safe and secure.


Material.biz is one of the leading companies for providing the best quality of thermostats to our valued Clients.

Smart Plugs

Material.biz offers Smart Plugs that are designed with standard quality of raw materials at exclusive prices.

Smoke & Flood Detectors

Material.biz provides a diverse grade of Smoke and Flood Detector o our valued customers at reasonable cost.

Smart Locks

Material.biz provides the best quality of Smart Lock Services with the help of our highly skilled technician.

Smart Lightings

Material.biz provides an extensive range of Smart Lighting Installation service to fulfill the diverse necessity of our clients.

CCTV and Security

Material.biz for CCTV and Security Services puts our best to make sure our work is undertaken safely & securely.

Audio-Visual Entertainment

Material.biz provides an extensive range of Audio-Visual Entertainment service to fulfill the diverse necessity of our clients.

Vacuum Cleaning Robots

To fulfill the requirements of our customers, we are involved in providing a wide range of Vacuum cleaning robots.

Shade and Curtains

Material.biz is leading companies to provide the best quality of Smart Shade and Curtains to our valued Clients.

Climate Control

Material.biz provides an extensive range of Climate Control Service to fulfill the diverse necessity of our clients.

Why Material.biz for Smart Homes?

Today Material.biz is the largest service provider for smart home services in India. We offer trained and certified global network dealers to design and install a customized smartphone system for your new or existing home, office, and hotels across India. Material.biz has successfully covered 100+ customers for smart home products and systems that makes sure that our valued customers have the choice to automate and control their smart home automation. We maintain standards and work with the industry’s leading brands to make the smart devices of your choice work together. We provide a wide range of solutions that enables you to create the home of your dream. Material.biz works on an online platform for customers and manufacturers’ access to this technology.

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