Product Details:

Product Name: Epoxy Coated Rebar
Application: Building, Construction
Grade: Fe 500
Length: 18-22 meter
Shape: Round
Diameter: 8-36 mm, 1-2 Inches
Material: Mild Steel
Surface Treatment: Epoxy Coated
Price: Price Available on Request

Product Descriptions:
Material.biz provides the best quality Epoxy Coated Rebar or Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Rebar which plays a role of electrochemical and physical barrier. This product prevents oxygen and chlorides from reaching the steel surface reducing corrosion. We make sure that the inner rebar is protected from damage of salt, saltwater or natural challenges. Epoxy Coated Rebar can be widely used in many locations with varied climatic conditions. Their good electricity resistance to flow of corrosion current and adherence made the most widely used anti-corrosion coating on the steel.