Product Details:

Product Name: Welded Wire Mesh
Application: Construction, Industrial
Material: Metal, MS
Wire Gauge: 2.5 mm
Weave Type: Square
Dimension: 6-300 mm
Brand: Available on Request
Price: Price Available on Request

Product Descriptions:
Welded Wire Mesh has better surface and the open place as the wire size is larger according to requirements. Each intersection and intersecting wire is welded. Welded Wire Mesh can be manufactured in various forms in order to meet the exact requirement of the application area for necessary filtration procedure. Welded Wire Mesh is also known as Welded Wire Fabric, PVC coated wire mesh or galvanized wire mesh in the market. It is widely used for construction purposes as wire mesh fencing for protecting from unwanted guests. This welded wire mesh can be ordered in different ratios such as 1×1 wire mesh, 2×2 Wire Mesh, 4×4 welded wire mesh or 6×6 welded wire mesh. You can order this wire mesh rolls in various brands such as Surya Wire Mesh, CWC Wire Mesh, Regency Welded Wire Mesh, UWP Welded Wire Mesh.

We supply Welded Wire Fabric with amazing strength and rigidity is confident in respective application areas. Welded Wire Mesh Price is available on request by just filling the inquiry form and our customer service team will provide you available wholesale price.