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Material.biz is a platform that offers online purchasing of building and construction materials from various affiliates, merchants, vendors, and service providers. Please note that material.biz may not always be able to match your material requirements with suppliers. We seek to enlist qualitative suppliers, hence this website does not guarantee the quality or credentials of the suppliers regarding products and services. If you have any dispute with any supplier then you must address your dispute with the supplier personally, we are not responsible for it. You hereby agree to release Material.biz from any damages or claims arising in or out anyway connected with such disputes.

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You are hereby agreeing that by placing an order, you are entering into an agreement with material.biz and a business relationship with our suppliers, thus agree to be contacted by material.biz and our suppliers. You acknowledge that these suppliers can be contacted regarding orders and that you are precisely accepting and such contact by them. Material.biz necessarily fulfills such order through phone, mail, fax, email, or any other means as provided in your form. So your contacts are essential to provide the services set forth on this site, services your account, to reasonably address matters pertaining to your accounts, or for other reasonable purposes related to our business. It is agreed that your use of material.biz services is for purchasing purposes and not for any other use including ads or competitive intelligence. You acknowledge that material.biz displays your orders and has the right in our sole circumspection to deny any order and that is in violation of these terms and conditions.

If it is determined or suspected by material.biz in its sole discretion that you are misusing or attempting to misuse material.biz service or systems such as hacking, fraud, advertising, or spamming, Material.biz reserves the right to immediately terminate your access without any notice and to commence legal action or proceeding to seek remedies and damages including lost revenue, repairs, legal fees, cost and expenses and to seek injunctions or other equitable remedies.

Information to Provide
While using this website, you will be prompted to give certain basic information regarding yourself and Company. You agree to only complete an order for you or the company that has authorized you to share contact information. Please note that all information you provided is current, accurate, complete, and trustworthy. If you provide any information which is not current, inaccurate, false, or incomplete Material.biz has the right to discard your current or future use of Our Services. Only the account holder will be responsible for using material.biz services by the individual to whom you purposely or carelessly allowed to access our services. Your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions specifies that you clearly understand our terms of use and condition to give your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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