Product Details:

Type: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks (AAC)
Shape: Rectangular
Material: Cement
Brand: Siporex blocks, Biltech, JK Lakshmi, Magicrete, Ecolite, Renacon, Aerocon Blocks
Price: Price Available on Request

Product Description:
AAC- Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks are very light-weighted, long durability and compact building materials which was initially developed in the mid 1920 by the Swedes. Aerated is caused by a reactional mix of various materials mainly consisting of silica, quicklime, cement and other materials. We provide quality AAC blocks from manufacturers in India providing best quality AAC Blocks that are designed to provide superior strength with exceptional long term protection and can be used for their beneficial properties such as lightweight, thermal and sound insulation, mold resistance and other benefits that smooth the construction process.